About us

Pixels Solutions is not just a brand but a trust which have been developed during the course of time and still learning and earning from its experience by providing the best in the market to our esteemed Customers. Our primary motive is total customer Satisfaction. We at our store just not only supply OFFICE AUTOMATION" items providing end to end solution to our Customers but we believe that we're in the business of reshaping and improving everything around us.

Problem Solver on a Mission
Anyone can solve a problem but it takes a special kind of person to look beyond the stated problem and see the deeper challenges, the hidden issues that could unlock unimaginable value if we only understood their relevance.

We are those people Problem Finders and total solution provider. Our clients/ Customers are already seeing a difference in the way we engage with them, and they’re excited about it. But we’re not done here. A long way to go………

You are most welcome to view our products with explanation at Thousand Lights. We have a wide range of products from copier, Binding Machines, Lamination Machine, Paper cutting Machines & many more. Your presence and orders will help us to serve you better in every possible manner.